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The Dawn of National Trades and Agencies (NTA) happened in the year 1976. Ethicality, Morality and 100% Integrity towards the customers, have ensured in creating a league of Extraordinary Clients. The Niche has been the capability to not just rise up to, but to go at least one step beyond our Client’s expectations in Logistic Solutions, clearance / freight forwarding Services for – exporters, importers and traders . There is no better testimonial to us , than our 4 decades of Service and the numerous Awards that dot the history since our inception. We have being truly humbled by the wonderful understanding and support of – Our Clients, The Government and Providence itself. We see ourselves as more than a logistic, clearance or freight forwarding company. We see ourselves as a partner for our clients in their business, advising and helping them in whichever way possible to help grow and expand. Our vested Interest in every business relation is, Our Good Will. This mantra has been the basis of success for us.

With some Big Names like Cochin Shipyard Ltd., India Gateway Terminal Pvt. Ltd., Petronet LNG Ltd.,Cochin International Airport Ltd., Tata Consultancy, Kitex Garments, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Apollo Tyres, Tata Ceramics, O/E/N India Ltd., Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Etc., as its league of extraordinarily happy customers, NTA always has been on the lookout to take care and look out for its clients.


To be an International Partner with presence in every port (Sea or Air) of the Globe by 2025


Safety and Deliverance of Goods, Globally

Our Founder

Mr. P. B. Antony , started the toddler part of his career by working for a well renowned Clearing Agent as a Clerk in M/S Bhaskarkini and Company for three years, and later at Sitaram Warehouse for next 18 years. Prosperity, Confidence in one’s own self and Hard Work go hand in hand – and this was the recognition that got him to venture out on his own finally. With the blessings of his former Employer itself, Mr. Ramaswamy Iyer, and inaugurated by (Late) Mr. K.A. Joseph, on Jan 4rth 1976, he started the National Trades and Agencies that has blossomed into one of the most Formidable Customs Clearance Comprehensive Logistics Solution Provider in India, making a mark abroad too.

An Exceptional Visionary

  • In Kerala, when everyone lived their life, proud of being a part of the City of Cochin – an important port in the Sea of Arabia, Mr. P.B. Antony, envisioned a crown that would proclaim her as the undisputed Queen of the Arabian Sea. Vallarpadam Terminal was a vision that Mr. P.B. Antony shared with his fellow colleagues. Chairing meetings to propagate his vision, today Vallarpadam International Terminal is a proof that dreams come true if one truly believes in it.
  • The CIAL office of National Trades and Agencies was set up, BEFORE the AIRPORT was put up foreseeing the possibility of business in the location. Still an integral part as leader of National Trades and Agencies, and with more than 58 years of experience, his counsel is still much sought by all who know him from far and wide.

NTA India



Caring for our children and their future by taking care of the environment where we do business in. Adopting greener ways of Transportation and methods that help economies grow through the secure transportation of goods.


Responsibility towards one’s business starts with one taking up accountability for his own actions. We, in National Trades and Agencies strongly believe in being responsible to ourselves, so that we be responsible to you and the World.


Transparency in approach and deliverance has being the key to National Trades and Agencies’ success. Accessibility to Information and Us is one key factor that you will always have comfort in when dealing with us.


Protecting your information and maintaining Client Confidentiality has being one the prime hall marks of our business. Our Silence should be able to speak better than our words.


We follow an all inclusive method of taking care of you and your goods. For each of your shipment, a team of experts is formed by us, especially for you, to figure out how to customize your package’s trip to make it fit in your budget yet get it to you or its destination safe and sound.


Our coordination goes beyond borders and we deal with diverse cultures in different countries to ensure you are happy and your package is safe till it reaches the destined hands.


As per Shanti Mantra of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishads (1.3.28).

“asato mā sadgamaya tamasomā jyotir gamaya”

English Translation :
“From ignorance, lead me to truth;
From darkness, lead me to light;”

Such goes our belief that we ensure that not only our employees are well educated and informed in handling your queries, we also believe in arming you with information that could prudently help you in our field today, tomorrow or later.