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National Trades and Agencies believes in providing a comprehensive hazardous free powerful fortitude for any type of air, ocean and road service that could expound and expedite logistics and transportation into a whole spectrum of possibility. The logistics activities (which is the main point of action for NTA) includes :

National Trades and Agencies have been into ocean logistics and clearance since 1976. Being one of the most preferred and chosen service provider for companies in India and abroad, what we bring to the table, is our years of entrenched expertise and knowledge of everything related to logistics for transportation, be it tariff wise, legal wise, Government Acts-wise, to Tactical Logistics, you can rely on us to get your goods safely and within the budget envisaged.

Our services in Ocean Freight include:

  • Order Management
  • Buyer’s Consolidation
  • Vendor/Supplier Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Trade Compliance

National Trades and Agencies offers solutions to manage your shipments completely from end-to-end, including all documentation, consolidation and customs clearance, warehousing, trucking and door-to-door all-risk marine insurance services. We are chosen providers when it comes to oversize and difficult cargo. From heavy machinery to unique perishable shipments we have the experience to ensure that your shipment reaches its destinations safe and intact. We have complete know how and expertise in both Less Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) shipments. Our Value Added Services are one of the best in the region.

Just to add more accountability and transparency from our side, we offer our customer a special tracking service that gives them free access to the status of the Goods during each shipment, so that they can know the status in a timely manner.

Urgent, speedy deliveries or, handling of high value freight, heavyweight cargo or could be even dangerous goods – National Trades and Agencies has always been in the forefront in providing air freight solutions that has provided our clients with the reliability and cost effectiveness you seek. We have associated with specialists world-wide to provide our customers with options and expertise, customized on a case by case basis.

Through innovative approaches such as informed dashboards, mobile business intelligence, self-service business intelligence, data discovery and interactive visualization, we pull the value out of data.

We have even combined air freight with ocean freight and other logistics solutions to avail lower costs and still ensure speed and short turnaround times as per the requirement of our clients. We offer a variety of options based on our client’s need and budget to create a tailor made solutions that are guaranteed to satisfy both ends.

When it comes to road or land freight we ensure that the goods are loaded and securely transported by road. We have effective tracking and security mechanisms in place to ensure safe delivery of our client’s goods. Our team of experts understand the value of on time, on budget delivery and are motivated to ensure client satisfaction.

We offer pick up and loading services from our clients doorstep – from and as they want it, to and how they want it, received or delivered.

The Specialty of our service has been such that our clients who once come to us, just become our customer on a regular basis. Through the years of impeccable service and value adds we have been offering our clients today, we have gained the reputation as a reliable and service oriented logistics company both in India and abroad.

Our experienced staff manages door to door moves as well as turn-key operations. Our vast network of heavy haul specialized trucks allow us added flexibility. As an added advantage we offer superior packing and material handling services. We also provide shipments via national & regional common carriers & consolidators.

When one has an immediate shipment to be delivered, it is even more imperative to have the know-how and the expertise to ensure that the documentation and the proper formalities are completed to ensure speedy custom clearance.

At National Trades and Agencies we have been acting on behalf of our clients and ensure speedy clearance and complete documentation and clearance support services. Our personnel have over the years set up systems and processes to ensure that all formalities and documentations are prepared in record time. This combined with our knowledge of the policies and regulations of customs department have enabled us to provide expert guidance our customer’s need. We have been the foremost in ensuring that our client’s good reaches their destination after the necessary clearance through our expert team’s handling. We have over the years handled a variety of tasks both big and small and resolved potentially challenging cases with ease. We are licensed customs brokers to represent importers before national customs agencies. For fine arts, antiques, retail merchandise, electronics and other goods subject to specific regulations we offer special handling services .

For all industries served, exporters and importers want to assure their equipment and machinery meet governmental requirement of the receiving country. Strict inspection on agricultural commodities have been established for the imports of goods worldwide. National Trades and Agencies offers pre-shipment inspections (PSI) for the compliance of the country of exportation and within contractual specifications.

Case Study I: Australia :

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) has a strict priority in admitting risk material into the country. AQIS regards used mining, construction, earthmoving and agricultural machinery as high risk because it is prone to contamination by soil, seeds and other foreign matter – that could introduce exotic pest and diseases.

Importing permits, cleanliness certificates, quarantine inspection and cleaning are required. The pre-shipment inspection is a benefit and a bonus to importers since it relieves and avoids the burden of re-exportation of the good which could amount to exorbitant and significant financial costs.

Importers must ensure all machinery is cleaned offshore prior to shipment.

National Trades and Agencies International Wing can assist the importer in arranging partial of full dismantling, scheduling the cargo for pressure washing prior to departure, ensuring that all possible sites of contamination are cleaned from mud, if necessary, painted, before loading.
Case Study II: New Zealand :

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) is the government agency in New Zealand that protects the country’s borders from foreign contaminants that could potentially damage main industries.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry requires all cargo be clear of any contaminating material and pests prior to arrival. The same is the case with other countries regarding packaging standards to insure bio-security clearance.

National Trades and Agencies performs the highest service of pre-shipment inspections on-site and at the ports or terminals ensuring that our customer’s cargo is cleaned, fumigated and properly stowed and loaded in a vessel. We ensure that we are hands-on in taking care of every step of our customer’s shipment.

The ability to effectively plan logistics such that they are delivered in the right time frame, safely and within budget is a unique service offered by National Trades and Agencies. This is primarily done depending upon the friendliness of the terrain and the cargo transported coupling various modes of transport such as Air, Water and Land.

Case Study I:

A Cargo could be brought by Ship and due to the destination would have to be transported by Land (using National Trades and Agencies’ own and Fleet).

Heavy, huge Machinery transportation as a single piece occupies a lot of dead space within the container and results in loss when considering effective Logistic Transportation. The ability of National Trades and Agencies to add on to here, by helping in dismantling such that, the transportation is effective and to help in setting up the machinery in the concerned destination, helps a client to be rest assured of the deliverance of another wise complicated transportation.

ODC Cargo – Over Dimensional Cargo / Heavy Lifts

National Trades and Agencies believe that sky is the limit when it comes to logistics stems since 1976, and it has successfully transported Cargos that were everyone’s nightmare.

Being a leader in Transportation, National Trades and Agencies has always gone one step beyond its client’s expectations of its capabilities and made the industry proud, that it has a player of such depth, as its partner.

Case Study I:

Customs Clearance of Single Unit Of Reactor Weighing 725M/T & 40m length imported from China done by NTA